JUNE 10, 7:00PM

JUNE 24, 7:00PM

JULY 8, 7:00PM

JULY 24, 7:00PM


Jesus said go into ALL the world and preach this gospel! Every minister of the gospel that has made a mark on this earth operated in his, and hers unique gifting and annointing...! Each one of us play a vital role in the fullfilment of this end time mandate, we cant waste time trying to be something that we arent, becasue there is power is being who God created YOU to be...! So therfore in this time of equipping and training, you will be lead in the direction to find out WHO God has intented to be. To unlock the gifting with in you, to give a voice to the cry in your heart to reach this generation with the power of the gospel, and release the fire of the Holy Ghost! You wont only be taught, and trained, but you will have oppourtunitys each day to preach in OPEN AIR settings all across our city...! After this week you will gain the bolness to go back to your city and PREACH this message of hope!